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Compound Exercises Explained

What are compound exercises?

Compound exercises are multi-joint exercise that recruits more muscles to perform a particular exercise.  For example, a push press exercise involves the use of your muscles in your lower body and upper body. When you look at total workload per hour, compound exercises are the most effective exercises. They help you burn more calories, work more muscle groups, and helps the pituitary gland stimulate growth hormones. 

Are compound exercises best for you?

Ladies, compound movements aren’t going to make you look like a body builder. Because women naturally have less testosterone than men it is just a myth that compound exercises will make women bulky. Men on the other hand can perform compound exercises to help build muscle and loose body fat. When performing compound workouts in conjunction with an hour of aerobic cardio (cardio with a target heart rate between 65%-75% max heart rate) you will see a drastic change in body fat and muscle mass within 4-6 weeks. So the million dollar question, are compound exercises best for you? From my personal experience, anyone who is looking to loose weight, get in shape, and develope a defined physique will benefit from compound exercises. 

Should you start with compound exercises?

If you are new to training, modified compound exercises are a great place to start. For example, you can do push-ups instead of chest press, lunges instead of weighted lunges, and squats .instead of barbell squats. For a beginner, properly progressing your workouts will really improve your mechanics, kinetic chain, and and will help recruit the proper muscles to perform that lift. It’s important to know that proper muscle recruitment will help speed up your results. If you have any muscular imbalances and try to lift heavy you run the risk of not utilizing the proper muscles to lift efficiently. 

How to make compound exercises effective for muscle growth?

You can’t just go to a gym and 

Here are a list of compound exercises

Chest Press


Push Press

Bentover Rows


Military Press

PLat Pulldown